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All trading involves risk!

7 January 2022 | Updated:

Bitcoin Era Features

Powerful AI Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting the trading industry at breathtaking speeds. Bitcoin Era is among the leading AI-driven platforms dedicated to bitcoin trading. We use AI algorithms to implement sophisticated trading strategies at a high win rate. Bitcoin Era has a win rate of up to 95%.

Advanced Trading Strategies

We make money on bitcoin by analyzing historical price trends to determine future prices. Bitcoin Era also uses NLP algorithms to study breaking news and predict their impact on bitcoin price swings. We also use the arbitrage technique to capitalize on price discrepancies in diverse markets.

Beginner-friendly user interface

Our mission is to make profitable bitcoin trading accessible to the masses. Consequently, we automate all trading to enable people with no bitcoin trading experience to making money. You can make money with Bitcoin Era right from the start, even if you haven’t participated in any form of trading before.

Advantages Of Trading With Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era has proven itself to be the most profitable auto-trading system on the internet today. As explained above, this trading tool can triple investments on a good trading day. A good trading day is defined by volatility. High volatility results in an increased profitability rate.

You can generate profits with Bitcoin Era right from the first minute of trading, even if you are completely new to trading. This is because the best part of trading happens on autopilot. We offer all the necessary materials to help the complete beginner to be fully prepared for live trading.

We have in place a seamless withdrawal process. You have up to 10 free withdrawals every month, and you can withdraw up to $20,000 per transaction. Any withdrawal after the tenth one attracts a fee of 1%. Your money will be deposited in your bank account within 5 hours of sending the withdrawal request.



1. Is Bitcoin Era genuine?

Bitcoin Era is genuine, transparent, and profitable. You can find the proof in the many Bitcoin Era reviews on the web. We are rated extremely well by individual clients as well as experts. No other auto-trading system has so many reviews on the web.

2. Does Bitcoin Era charge signup fees?

You won’t pay a single cent in registration fees to trade with us. We only deduct a commission of 1.5% of profits gained through our system. The trading fees indicated in the PDF guide apply on the side of the attached broker.

3. Does Bitcoin Era disclose all its fees?

You will find a PDF disclosing all the fees associated with us on the trading resources page. We do not charge any other fees apart from those specified in the PDF. You need to complete the signup to access the free guide.

4. Is Bitcoin Era safe?

You have a safety guarantee when you invest with us. We have robust measures in place to protect our clients’ data and funds. Moreover, we have a detailed data privacy policy that dictates how we interact with your data. We have aligned this policy with the GDPR.

5. Is Bitcoin Era regulated?

Bitcoin Era is a trading tool and not a financial institution. However, we only operate under fully regulated partner brokers. We are working with 50 brokers regulated in developed markets such as the US, the UK, and Australia.

6. Does Bitcoin Era support mobile trading?

You can use Bitcoin Era on any smartphone OS, given that it’s in a hybrid format. The hybrid format is an installable version of the web-trader. We are working on a native app for iOS and Android devices to enhance the mobile trading experience.

An In-depth Review of Bitcoin Era

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an easy to operate BTC trading bot. This trading bot is built on AI to deliver returns way above the market rate.

Trading with Bitcoin Era should be easy if you are willing to follow the provided instructions. The instructions are provided in layman’s language to help complete beginners follow them easily.

We have entered into a partnership with over 20 brokers to serve over 120 countries worldwide. You can only use the Bitcoin Era in a country where it is in partnership with a regulated broker. Also, you can only trade with our system in a country that supports retail CFDs trading and crypto trading.

Trading with Bitcoin Era involves four simple steps: signup, deposit, trading preparation, and live trading.

Does Bitcoin Era work in my country?

We are currently available in over 120 countries. All these countries support bitcoin trading through CFDs.

You can’t use the Bitcoin Era in the US due to the prohibition of retail CFDs trading. This trading bot is also not available in China, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, and a few other countries due to the ban on crypto trading.

We have noticed that some of our clients are using VPNs to access our site from restricted countries. Our policy doesn’t condone any form of canvassing. We will suspend your account permanently if we detect that you are signing in from a prohibited country.

Bitcoin Era UK

We started operations in London, the UK, in 2016. Bitcoin Era was only available in this country until 2018. This explains why we are more popular in the UK than anywhere else across the globe.

Bitcoin Era has made news in this country since its launch. We became super popular in this country during the crypto boom of 2016. The majority of bitcoin millionaires during the 2016 boom earned their wealth through Bitcoin Era.

We have continued to improve our trading system to stay on top in the trading game. Our trading system continues to appear on top of the experts’ list for the best bitcoin trading systems in the UK.

Bitcoin Era Australia

We ventured into the Australian market in July 2018. Bitcoin Era has gained insane popularity in this country since then.

We have a huge and rapidly growing fan base in Australia. Moreover, we have received wide media coverage in the country since launch. At least 25% of the hundreds of thousands of our clients are from this country.

We are working with brokers regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This is a guarantee to our Australian clients that we take their safety seriously.

Bitcoin Era Canada

The Canadian market has also embraced Bitcoin Era with high-level enthusiasm. We have been a media sensation in the country since 2019.

Bitcoin Era is working with brokers regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). This regulatory body is dedicated to protecting investors and ensuring market integrity.

The partnership with IIROC regulated brokers proves our commitment to ensuring full transparency and clients’ safety.

Bitcoin Era popularity has shot through the roof in its top 5 markets. These markets are discussed in detail below.


Bitcoin Era India

We have made news in India since 2020. Bitcoin Era started operating here at the onset of the COVID19 pandemic.

We have helped many people in this country earn a decent income in the recessions resulting from the pandemic. India is one of the countries leading the world in crypto adoption. This explains why we have gained a huge following in the country within a short time.

We are working with top brokers in India to ensure a seamless trading experience. You may earn a signup bonus of up to 100% if you are signing up from India.

Bitcoin Era South Africa

We have only been in South Africa for 2 years and have already attracted a huge following. Moreover, we have been featured on prime time South African TV shows and have been trending top on social media.

Bitcoin Era is working with the top 5 leading South African brokers. These brokers operate under the watch of the South African Financial Service Board (FSB). The FSB is a tier-one financial regulatory body with global level trust.

This means that the brokers regulated by this body are of high quality. You can join Bitcoin Era South Africa now and you could earn a handsome signup deposit.

Bitcoin Era in the Media

We have made news headlines in many of the supported countries. Moreover, we have been trending on search engines and social media platforms for years.

Many experts agree that we are the most popular bitcoin trading system on the internet today. Bitcoin Era has a user base of over 300k. The number of new users increases exponentially, with over 10,000 signup requests daily.

We only accept less than 5% of the daily signup requests. You shouldn’t give up if you can’t sign up on the first day. There is the likelihood that you will be lucky on another day. Find out how Bitcoin Era ranks on Reddit and Trustpilot below.

Bitcoin Era Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an independent site for posting consumer reviews on different products and services.

Over 5 million product and service reviews are posted on the site monthly. Moreover, only high-quality products and services earn a page on this platform. We have a highly active review page on this site.

Bitcoin Era is reviewed by over 5000 verified users on this site. Most of the reviewers confirm that our trading system is profitable, easy to use, and safe. We are always working hard to ensure that our clients enjoy the best-automated trading services.

Bitcoin Era Reddit

Reddit is the best platform to seek information about our platform from verified users. The platform is best known for enabling people with similar interests to build communities around them.

Reddit has gained massive popularity in the trading community in the recent past. According to Investopedia, some stock-related threads have triggered massive volatility. Bitcoin Era has robust Reddit threads with tens of thousands of participants.

You should read the comments on the threads to learn about us through people who have already tried us. Most of the Bitcoin Era Reddit communities are public. This means that you don’t need to register an account to access them.

Did Bitcoin Era appear on primetime TV?

We have made headlines on mainstream media in many countries since. Bitcoin Era is reviewed among the most popular bitcoin trading systems in 2022.

Moreover, our trading system is ranked number one among the best tools for making money online in 2022. We have been around since 2016 and have proven to have everything that you would expect in a profitable trading system.

Bitcoin Era is reviewed by tens of thousands of users on platforms such as Reddit and Trustpilot. The general feedback from our clients is positive. Nearly all the reviewers report profitability. Some of the reviewers allege earning their first million dollars through our trading system.

The popularity of our trading system makes it a prime target for gossip and fake news.

Bitcoin Era Review 2022 – Final Word!

We ensure a profitable, transparent, and safe trading environment. Bitcoin Era is undoubtedly super profitable. The platform can deliver daily profits of up to 90% on a good day.

Our users report an average profitability rate of 15% in normal trading periods. This is awesome and enough to generate fortunes from a small investment when most of the profits are reinvested. You will need to plough back all the daily profits for fast growth if you decide to get started with the minimum amount.

Invest more money if you want to withdraw a decent daily income while maintaining growth via reinvestment. We offer highly leveraged crypto derivatives trading, and hence the risk is high. Invest wisely!


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